Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crisis in The Morning

It was a perfectly lovely morning.  The Husband and I awoke feeling great, ready to enjoy the day and each other's company. He made his way downstairs first, while I beautified myself.  

As I came down the stairs, I noted the vacuum cleaner on the landing.  I turned the corner into the kitchen and said "Did you have a 'clean-up on aisle 3' situation here?"  

He looked up at me, while raising his right hand and said "Pack a bag.  We may be gone all weekend.  We are going to hit every flea market, garage sale and antique shop in the county.  We can't come home until we find another."  

I focused on what he was holding.  Nooooo!  He was holding his favorite Scotch glass.  It was seriously cracked. I've known this man almost 20 years.  This has ALWAYS been his favorite Scotch glass.  The expression on his face was terrible.  My first thought was "Thank God I'm not the one that broke it!" 

You must understand, this glass is the last of a set of 5 glasses that was given to him 30+ years ago while he lived in Connecticut.  Originally, there were 6 glasses and they all had gold rims.  Over time, the gold disappeared and a glass occasionally broke. When I met him, he was down to the last glass and it had not one bit of gold left on the rim. 

We have laughed together about what would happen if that glass broke.  And, we have always unconciously been on the hunt at flea markets, etc. for a glass (or glasses) just exactly like it to purchase as an insurance policy.  

Today, when tragedy struck, I knew we had a situation that required immediate action. I don't know why we didn't start at the Tulsa Flea Market, but we did not.  We started at the Great American Flea Market.  Don't ask me why.  What an interesting place, but that's blog posting for another time.  

We ended up at the I-44 Antique & Collectible Mall.  We cruised every booth and found many interesting things. We even found a couple of serious contenders in the Scotch glass category.  So serious, we lined them up next to each other on a table and compared dimensions.   He also spent a considerable amount of time hefting each one in his right hand trying to determine if they were the suitable size.   I really thought one of them was going to make the cut, but ultimately The Husband walked away from them both.  

We rounded the last corner in the shop and stopped at a display case near the cash register.  Suddenly, there on the top shelf, were two suitably shaped glasses. Even better, they were commemorative glasses for former Tulsa movie theaters. One theater in old downtown Tulsa:  Orpheum and three drive-ins: Apache, Bellaire and Capri.  It took The Husband all of a couple of minutes to decide these glasses should reside at our home.

Everyone should be happy to know that The Husband has enjoyed his new Scotch glass tonight.  While it is not his old, familiar friend he thinks it will do nicely!


  1. Were the movie theater glasses from the original period?

  2. Hello, Mike. Unfortunately, the glasses are not from the original period of the theaters. They were made at some later date. Each glass has the name of the theaters, a film strip and the tragedy/comedy masks in black and gold. They were obviously made as cocktail glasses.