Sunday, November 6, 2011

Disaster Preparedness

I've made a decision.

Since Oklahoma has had two earthquakes this weekend, I'm going to do the necessary research and put together a serious emergency kit for my family. I will begin by researching pre-existing checklists developed by government agencies, as well as others, and which cover:
  • natural disasters (tornado, earthquake, hurricane, fire, flood, ice/snow, drought, extreme heat etc.) 
  • pandemics (swine flu, ebola, etc.)
  • hazardous material spills (both at home and in public), nuclear power plant melt downs, power grid black outs, natural gas explosions, etc.
  • terrorist attacks (biological, chemical, nuclear, radiological dispersion device, etc.)
  • invasion of the US homeland by a hostile foreign nation(s)
  • zombie attacks
  • mutant animal attacks
  • extraterrestrial attacks
Wow. Did I miss anything? Might as well add:
  • maurading bands of criminals who will rise when the social order breaks down due to any of the above situations
Anything else?

My first calculation will be how many cases of Scotch and Vodka will be required to survive each situation. 

I'll let you know how our kit comes together.

Seriously, do you have an emergency kit and a plan? Don't you think you should?


  1. I have put some basic food stocks back. You can buy vetenarian antibiotics at the Tractor Supply (they are the same ones they use on us ordinary humans)so I have some of those. I think it sounds rather hysteric, but the mess were in in America, I don't think it will be a great catastrophe but many smaller ones combined in a perfect storm. That earthquake in Tulsa was scary. I thought a jet was about to crash into our house. What was that noise anyway. Did it come out of the earth? I sure wouldn't want to be in a stronger one. Strange indeed.

  2. Oh gosh, it was a bit scary wasn't it. No we don't have a plan or kit or anything. Ooo, Donna, we heard that noise too. It almost sound like a hundred semi trucks coming through the living room.

  3. Oh My, I heard about the quakes. I didn't realize they were common in your area. We have a Hurricane Survival Kit here. We stayed home during David in 1978. We evacuted for Hugo and Floyd. I will never stay again. Stay safe and get that kit ready. Hugs, Ginger