Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Girl Can Cook!

A few months ago I purchased a Living Social deal for a two hour cooking class at Urban Kitchen on Cherry Street. I attended class this week to learn how to make one of my favorite foods, gnocchi!

Chef Candace Conley and her assistant, Natalia, were both very warm and welcoming. There were only five people enrolled, so we each had plenty of opportunity to assist in the preparation of the ingredients. The potato gnocchi were prepared with a green onion sauce, as well as butter and sage sauce.

Candace did an excellent job of demonstrating how easy gnocchi are to make. Before class, I thought "I'll enjoy the class, but will probably never make them at home." After class, my thought was "I'm making these tomorrow and freezing a batch!" They are easy, peasy.

Here are the gnocchi in the browned butter and sage sauce.
And the gnocchi being added to the green onion sauce. The stockpot behind the skillet is full of the boiling water for cooking the gnocchi.

Natalia told us that they refer to gnocchi as "little pillows of love." I happen to think that is a great description for these delicious tidbits.

We left class with these recipes, an Urban Kitchen apron, and the knowledge and confidence to make gnocchi at home.

Thanks, Candace and Natalia for a fun, educational evening. I'll be back soon for another class!

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