Friday, October 8, 2010

A Gender Reveal Party!

Do you know what a gender reveal party is?

It's a party where everyone, at the same time, finds out the sex of a baby on the way. People wear pink or blue to indicate what they hope the baby will be. Of course, there are lots of pink and blue decorations, food and drink.

Not only had I never been to a gender reveal party, I'd never heard of them either. That all changed this week, when I attended a gender party for my niece, Tracy.
Tracy wore pink and blue, to indicate she'd be happy with either sex. But note, the pink is the dominant color because she is already Mom to our sweet, twin grand nephews, Charlie and Jesse:
Everyone bit into their cupcakes at the same time, with all eyes on Tracy, who could not believe she saw PINK!
Through her tears of joy, she checked the ultrasound picture to be sure. It's a GIRL!
As we all took a look at the ultrasound picture there were more tears, as well as big hugs amid much laughter.

We had great food. Grand nephew Nathan is overseeing the cupcakes for us:
I made the Palmiers (savory puff pastry appetizers). They were easy to make, tasted great and will certainly make a return appearance when I'm asked to provide an appetizer. 
Kudos to niece Mary, who was the hostess of the party and kept the sex of the baby secret for 24 hours. Good job!

We are all looking forward to welcoming "Timothena" into the family. Joke. :-)


  1. Oh how cute and so very exciting. A girl will rock their world but mostly in a good way. Congrats!

  2. OK, that is the cutest idea ever. Someone do this for me when I have baby No. 2!

  3. Ahww- What a lovely idea/party! I'm glad she'll have a girl to add to those beautiful twin boys :)

  4. I must admit when I read your title of Gender Reveal, I immediately thought it was a coming out party of some kind. This is so much more fun! Cute idea.