Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drink Dispensers - The New Punch Bowls

The Husband and I shopped in a small town antique mall recently and I was struck, again, by how many punch bowl sets were for sale in the $30-$40 range.

Hostesses don't seem to use punch bowls much these days. At the parties I've attended lately, everyone uses drink dispensers, which eliminates the mess of trying to fill cups with a ladle.

I must admit, I have two punch bowl sets (Star of David and Forest Green, both by Anchor Hocking), but I have not used them for punch in years. Wait...I did loan one to a neighbor last year for a baby shower.

My question is, how can I repurpose these bowls and get more use from them? I did use the Forest Green bowl as a centerpiece on St. Patrick's Day. I could float candles in them as centerpieces for upcoming holiday tablescapes. I could arrange flowers in them.

What else can I do with these bowls? Do you have any ideas?

Perhaps I should begin serving punch when we entertain and start a movement of renewed appreciation for and use of these icons of the past!


  1. At Christmas you could fill them full of lovely sparkly ornaments. At thanksgiving you could put pine cones, holly maybe ceder and a few gourds. I do all sorts of things with big bowls.

    If you have a large gathering, you could serve a fruit salad and people could put the fruit in the little punch cups.

  2. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could use it to hold extra rolls of toilet paper, soaps, loofahs, etc. I saw this idea in some magazine with the same dilemma of re-purposing punch bowls!

  3. All of these are great ideas! I particularly like serving fruit salad in the bowl and having people put their servings in a cup.

    Using it in the bathroom is also interesting.

    Keep the ideas coming, folks.

  4. Another idea:

    Use the punch bowl as a repository for Christmas cards!