Friday, October 15, 2010

Entering A New Phase of Life

The Husband and I recently spent an entire day with my mother. At the end of that day, I realized we have entered a new phase of her life.

Mom still lives on her own and drives only during the day to familiar places within a 6-8 mile radius of her house. If she has to go somewhere new, my sister or I will drive her. She has had arthritis for years and one side effect is painful legs, knees and feet causing difficulty walking. In the last few months she has begun to use a cane and her doctor authorized a handicapped parking permit. 

We organized this day because it was time for Mom's car to be serviced. We decided we would drop her car at the dealership and run errands with her.

The Husband picked us up and we took her to a couple of furniture stores to look for a new chair. She selected a Medi-Lift power chair from Mathis Brothers.

We also took her shoe shopping at SAS Shoes. The employees there were very helpful and very sweet to her. After our shopping stops, we ate lunch at The Brothers Houligan. Mmmm good. Especially the green beans!

It hit me during this day with Mom that she really is getting older. She has always been a petite woman, but as she ages she seems to be getting smaller and is becoming quite fragile. Add in the fact that she purchased a Medi-Lift chair, now uses a cane and has a handicapped parking sticker and suddenly I'm thinking:

"Hey! Wait a minute. What just happened? And, when did it happen?"

I've been with her many places the last few months, it's just that on this day it really hit me that she is now elderly. (She'd hate it if she knew I called her that!)

Hopefully, she will have many more years of being mobile, active and independent. I'm going to do everything I can to ensure that she does.

How about your older family members? Have you spent time with them recently? Do you know their true status?


  1. Oh Cindy, if you only knew. My father-in-law just moved to the farm with us after having lost everything he had to a coniving 2nd wife and her theiving sons and grandsons. He is 84 and was married previously for 54 years. I guess I'm going to have to ride my range on a 4 wheeler with a shotgun to keep the theiving varmints out.

  2. My mom is only 63, but she already walks with a cane and often has to use a scooter to get around. She also has some arthritis, but has completely worn out one foot (and the other one is not much better). If it was a hip, they'd replace it, but the success rate for feet is terrible. Luckily, she doesn't let it stop her, and if anything is more active than she was ten years ago.

  3. It is a very weird place when your parents hit that time in their lives. I remember looking at my Dad's back one time when he was working in the back yard and realizing that his skin was sagging and crinkly and OLD. It's hard to watch him creep around and he's only 75 years old. Mother was only 70 when we lost here and that was way too young.

  4. I'm at a disadvantage here. Both of my parents died young, which gives me little point of reference for aging. All I know is every birthday I celebrate makes me realize how very young they were.

  5. I'm at a disadvantage here. Both of my parents died young, which gives me little point of reference for aging. All I know is with each birthday I celebrate, I'm very aware of how young they really were.