Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Brass Armadillo - Kansas City, KS

The Brass Armadillo is a unique chain of antique malls located in 5 US cities (Des Moines, Phoenix, Denver, Omaha, Kansas City). I posted recently about the fun The Husband and I had at the Denver location.

Before we drove home last Sunday, we went to the Kansas City location. I was very excited to visit this site, based on our previous experience.

We were both very disappointed.

In Denver, I would say 90% of the booths were clean, organized and full of good items that were displayed very nicely. In Kansas City, it felt as if only 10% of the booths were well done.

In Denver, the mall staff and dealers greeted us cheerfully and, as we shopped, they were helpful and chatted us up. In Kansas City the mall staff didn't greet us until The Husband said "hello." And it wasn't so much a greeting as it was a grunt. After that point, no one spoke to us again until we left, again only after The Husband said "good-bye."

We walked out without purchasing one item. Which is unheard of with us in an antique mall.

It was a disappointing trip. We will not go back to that location.

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  1. Ah that is too bad. I am sure you were disappointed. I guess management need show up in Kansas City store and clean up shop.