Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Cocktail Paraphernalia

I picked this item up at the Tulsa Flea Market a couple of weeks ago. It's a white, plastic box with "What's yours?" on the lid.
On the inside of the lid, the embossed name is Alexander & Wilson Co., Pasadena, California. When you open it, you see this:
Eight sections containing multi-colored tabs with gold writing on them. The writing on the tabs:
  1. Bourbon & Water; 1-4 (pink)
  2. Rye & Soda; 1-4 (dark blue)
  3. Special; 1-4 (yellow)
  4. Rye and Water; 1-4 + Bourbon & Ginger; 4 (red)
  5. Bourbon & Soda; 1-4 (light green)
  6. Scotch & Soda; 1-4 (orange)
  7. Scotch & Water; 1-4 (light blue)
  8. Bourbon and 7-Up; 1-4 {+ extra 3} (green)
The instructions on how to use the tabs:
What's yours? The Scotch and Soda or the Bourbon & Ginger?
We enjoy collecting vintage cocktail paraphernalia. I paid $5.00 for this conversation starter!


  1. I have a set of Sip 'n Strip glasses that are a real hoot! You'd love 'em. You fill the glass with a beverage and as you drink it, the clothes "fall" off the guy who is looking over his shoulder at you, oh so coy.

  2. Score! So jealous. I think I need to go to the flea market today now. Thanks for showing this off!

  3. I love it !!!! I need to make the trip up to the Tulsa Flea Market sometime this fall.