Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mullinville, Kansas - Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

After leaving Dodge City, we drove and drove and ended up in:
This was a very interesting little town for a couple of reasons. First was a Yard Art Studio.
The artist making one, of many, statements:
The artist has created an OVERWHELMING amount of yard art. We took the following video, in an attempt to give you an idea of the quantity. Let me just say, the video does not capture the awe inspiring reality.
As we drove around the town (all the better to get the video), we saw that a number of the houses proudly displayed items from this artist. We took photos of a few pieces in a couple of yards.

Yard # 1:
Yard # 2:

Second interesting item, as we drove out of town:
Our thoughts were "Not the kind of sign a person expects to see in Kansas."

As we continued motoring down the road, we came to the town of Greensburg, KS. On May 4, 2007, an EF5 tornado destroyed 95% of the town and killed 11 people. Greensburg is rebuilding as a "green" town. As we drove through town, everywhere we looked there were signs of construction, which equates to progress in the rebuilding effort.

The contrast in these two towns made me think:

  • It just goes to show, it can be "fun & games" in one location, while it is "life & death" in another location not far away.
  • Practice tolerance. (You don't have to accept, but peacefully tolerate).
  • Support others through their tragedies.
  • Enjoy life every day.
Thanks, Kansas, for providing an interesting drive.


  1. Amazing and scary items in that lot!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Cindy, I am in awe. You may have found Yard Art Nirvana. I bow to the master investigator.

  3. I love those bottle flowers! What an awesome place.