Sunday, August 8, 2010

Touring Tulsa, OK With Relatives

The Husband's cousin and his wife from California were just here for a visit.
Cathy and Gary

They arrived in time for dinner Thursday evening. We served them our quick and easy company meal: a boneless, stuffed chicken from Hebert's and a salad. Fortunately, they really liked it. You never know, when you tell your guests the chicken is stuffed with alligator, how they are going to respond!

Friday morning, they accompanied The Husband on his daily walk. It turned out to be a trek covering 6.5 miles. They were hot and tired when they returned to the house, but were happy to see so many beautiful houses in Mapleridge and walk the Midland Valley Trail to the Pedestrian Bridge in Riverparks.

We took them to lunch at Brownie's Hamburger Stand, which was really good. Afterwards, we drove them around various neighborhoods so they could get a feel for the different areas and marvel at the variety of architecture. Dinner Friday night was at McGill's on 21st Street, where we are always treated to great food and even better service!

Saturday morning, The Husband and Gary went on another long walk through Mapleridge, to Woodward Park, The Arboretum, and the Tulsa Historial Society. In the meantime, Cathy and I walked to the Cherry Street Farmer's Market to pick up a few items for dinner.

We decided on lunch at White River Fish Market, which is never a bad decision! They enjoyed it so much, they purchased a quart of gumbo to take home with them.

We drove them through Expo Square and ended up in the Quik Trip Center, which is very interesting because it is one of the largest clear span buildings in the world.  Oh, and look there, the Tulsa Flea Market was in session that day! We can't pass up a flea market, can we? Of course, not!

We then visited the new Quik Trip at 15th & Denver, to show the out-of-towners the next generation of Tulsa convenience store. This was my first trip to the new concept store and I was impressed. We all were impressed. Good job, Quik Trip!

The Husband's brother, Bill, came over to visit in the afternoon.
Brother Bill, Cousin Gary & The Husband

Saturday night's dinner consisted of The Husband's smoked ribs, bbq beans, corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and Farrell Family bread. Dessert was a delicious yogurt cheesecake from Wagon Creek Creamery. Dinner was great, but the dessert was mighty fine, just so you know!

We were happy to show our guests a few of our favorite Tulsa places and activities that we sometimes take for granted. Experiencing these places with out-of-towners gave us a renewed appreciation for all things Tulsan. We can't wait for the next time they visit, as Philbrook Museum and Gilcrease Museum, as well as many other locally owned restaurants are on the "to do" list!

How do you entertain out-of-towners? Do you have lots of local places you are proud to show them?


  1. Boy howdy, Cindy, you are quite the hosts. I am proud of you. I thought you looked thinner and the hubby too. 6 mile walks? I'd die. Haven't tried some of the places you mentioned, so I'll have to do just that. Went to Seigi's German restaurant last week and I'd give it a b,b,b,B. It was okay. I guess I was just too excited to have the spaetzle and they fried it in oil which made it taste like last weeks leftovers. Since I do have some German in me, I think they should have served it differently. Couldn't even taste the hint of nutmeg. Love the Farrell bakery and the flea market? Don't tell me if it was good. I haven't been since last fall. I used to go every Sat. for years, and now since I have two houses, the garages and the barn full, I have to keep away. You have surely had a full summer.

  2. We don't have a lot of out of towners come in. Most of our family is right here in North Carolina. Yearly, I am a tourist and visit my father in Oregon. He doesn't show me around... usually he puts me to work.