Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vacation - January, 2010 - Post 2 of 3

Thursday, January 21st
After we left Vicksburg, MS, we drove directly to the New Orleans airport and picked up our friends, Janet and Jeff from Connecticut. They have been friends with The Husband for 30+ years.

We checked into the Place D'Armes Hotel. Following is a picture of me standing on the balcony outside our room, which was a 1/4 block from Jackson Square!
Following is The Husband (on the right) with Jeff. We were, of course, walking Bourbon Street at this point.
Janet and me:

On this day we at dinner at Pat O'Briens.

Friday, January 22nd
We took a horse drawn carriage ride on this morning. Our driver took us to Saint Louis Cemetery #2. You know me and my fascination with cemeteries!

Following photo is of me, Janet and Jeff posing in front of a large mausoleum.
Here are Janet and Jeff during our horse drawn carriage ride.
During our tour, we drove by the corn stalk wrought iron fence located outside The Cornstalk Hotel. I very much liked this fence.
We also saw the same fence a couple of days later outside a house in the famous Garden District.

The horse drawn tour of the French Quarter, the cemetary and Frenchman's Street was entertaining. Our driver was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and also gave us some good pointers on local restaurants.

After the tour, we walked into the Saint Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square.

We then spent the best $6.00 of the weekend! This was the admission to The Presbytere, which is a Mardi Gras museum right on Jackson Square.

The contents of this museum were overwhelming! They had jewelry:
They had ball gowns:
They had costumes:
They had so many sparkly, glittery, pretty things! I strongly recommend you visit this museum next time you are in New Orleans.

On this night, Jeff, The Husband and I had a wonderful dinner at Irene's. Unfortunately, Janet was not able to join us. She went to the Irene's with us, but returned to the hotel because she started to feel ill.

Saturday, January 23rd
Unfortunately, Janet was very ill all night with a stomach virus.

We took it easy all morning, sleeping a bit late and going our separate ways for a while. I somehow ended up at the Christmas shop near Jackson Square. I added to our ornament collection, of course.

Jeff, The Husband and I met for a leisurely lunch on Bourbon Street. Afterwards, we walked and walked and walked, seeing many sights! I spoke to the artist who designs purses. Click here for her website. The purses were striking, but pricey.

We returned to the hotel for a nap, and to check on Janet. Bless her heart, she was still very ill.

Later in the evening, we went out for dinner and again found ourselves on Bourbon Street. There were lots of Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints fans partying in advance of the game the next day. I just had to have my photo taken with men wearing purple suits. How classy!
The Husband and Jeff observing the crowds.
The Husband and me having a good time.
Sunday, January 24th
Janet was a bit better on Sunday morning when we met up to check out of the hotel.

We took a quick driving tour of the Garden District and then parted ways. The Husband wanted to get out of New Orleans before crazy football fans descended en masse before the playoff game.

Janet and Jeff had a 6pm flight out of New Orleans. Unfortunately, it was delayed due to storms in Atlanta. They didn't get to CT until 1pm on Monday and during the trip, Jeff came down with the same virus that made Janet so sick. Our poor friends! They are going to think twice about meeting us for a weekend getaway again!

The Husband and I drove on to Jackson, MS for the night. We decided to stop there instead of driving all the way to our next destination.

Check back soon for Post 3 of 3 describing the last part of our road trip.

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  1. Loved your photos and trip highlights. WIsh I could have joined you for all of them, especially the men in the purple suits. So glad I had a full day on Friday and I got to go to the museum!!! I too loved it.