Monday, January 11, 2010

The American Woman's Cookbook (1942) - Table Service - Styles of Service (part 2)

Page 81-82:
Chapter: Table Setting and Service

Hot Food Should be Served Hot on heated dishes.
Cold Food Should be Served Cold on cold dishes.
When the Host and Hostess do the Serving at Table, the host serves the meat, and often the vegetables, and the hostess serves the soup, salad, dessert and beverages.
In the Maid-Less Household, the hostess will find great convenience in the tea-wagon, or any other kind of serving-table that may stand at her right, ready to help her.
Before the Dessert Course, the table should be cleared and crumbed. the salts and peppers, the bread and butter plates, and all other accessories or dishes that will not be used in the dessert course, are removed on a tray. When the table is crumbed, a small folded napkin and a plate should be used, and the crumb-clearing is done at the left of the guest.
When the Dessert is Finished, the dessert plate is exchanged for the after-dinner coffee cup, if the cofee is served at table.
At the End of the Coffee Course, the cups are exchanged for finger bowls if these were not placed with the dessert.

Suggestion from me:
Instead of using a napkin and plate to crumb the table, consider picking up a vintage crumber set. I have a couple of hammered aluminum examples:
Number 2
Or you can use a napkin and a silent butler, four hammered aluminum examples are pictured below.

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  1. I have a hand made crumb pan, which may be aluminum. I use it sometimes when baking to wipe away the flour from the counter. It has a stamp on the back.
    It says:

    Hand Wrought
    Rodney Kent

    It has an armored helmet and hatchet alongside the words. It was stamped with elegant tulips on the top, and the top of the handle has a different flower with ribbons welded to it which make it look tacky.