Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in January

We spent a lovely day with The Husband's family on Saturday. We gathered in Oklahoma City at niece Amy's house to celebrate a late Christmas. Aunt Charlene, from Denver, was even able to join us.

We all contributed various tasty dishes for lunch and Amy managed to set places at tables for everyone!

This table seated our nephew and his sweet wife, plus two of the great-nephews and the great-niece.
Here is The Husband, The Brother-In-Law and our future Nephew-In-Law.
The extended family only buys gifts for the kids. See four little boy heads in the picture below? These are more great-nephews tearing through the paper to the concealed treasure.
Here's an exception to the "kids only" rule, a Nephew-In-Law opening a surprise gift* that was found for him this past year.
Our niece, Mary, qualified for the "kids only" gifts this year, as she is not married and still in school. She gets married in August, 2010, so this is her last year as a "kid."
Another Nephew-In-Law, Tim, was very happy with two food items at lunch. One being the "Pioneer Woman" cheese grits Aunt Cindy prepared and two being the Snickerdoodles Aunt Claudia baked. Two recipes his grandmother always made when he was growing up.

Again, we had a lovely day with the family...despite the tub overflowing in the upstairs bathroom.**

* Surprise gift = An item The Husband and I find sometime during the year in our estate sale, flea market, vacation shopping trips that is absolutely perfect for a member of the family. You never know who might receive one and when!

** Incident involved a new toy boat and four little boys figuring out "Will it float?"

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  1. Too funny Cindy. We had cheese grits for Christmas. I didn't quite get the grits all mixed thoroughly and had little lumps throughout. (Of course, the kids had to mention it). They didn't bother me a bit. The secret to cheese grits (beside proper mixing) is the extra sharp cheddar cheese.