Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's for Dinner, Dear?

My answer to the question on Tuesday evening was, "Let's go to the fair." Look, endless possibilities on the midway:
How do they get the mashed potatoes to stay on the stick? We had to try the deep fried Mac & Cheese.It was surprisingly tasty. I didn't say healthy, I said tasty! How do they get it into these shapes?What the heck is a fatball????
Mystery meat on a stick?
Chocolate covered bacon. No way!
We had to try the chocolate covered bacon. It wasn't bad. Sweet, salty and bacony (is that a word)? Definitely just a once a year, fair food.

Don't tell anyone that you will be able to buy it year round at Old World Confectionery in Tulsa (25th & Harvard) beginning after the fair.
If you don't like your bacon as dessert, you can have it as the main course.
Rest assured, with all the bad food choices at the fair, very few people were opting for the low carb offering.
It was a perfect night at the fair. Weather was cool and crowds were sparse. We agreed it might have been the best night we've ever had at the fair.

All except for the absence of the annual butter sculpture. That was the only negative!

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  1. Great pics! I thought deep-fried twinkies was probably the end of their creativity, but chicken-fried bacon?? Who thinks up this stuff?