Monday, October 19, 2009


The weekend was a strange mixture of sadness and beauty.

We went to NW Arkansas this weekend to attend the funeral of my cousin's husband, which was sad. However, the service was very uplifting. He was a very well known high school coach and the turnout for the funeral was tremendous. Lots of stories were told about "Coach K" that caused as much laughter as there were tears.

We packed a bag, thinking we would go to Eureka Springs after the funeral to spend the night. The drive over was great. The color in the trees was wonderful. Unfortunately, we should have phoned for a room first. The was a craft festival in town and there were no rooms to be had. No matter, we enjoyed the drive. We also enjoyed the drive home. The sunset reflecting light on the clouds was beautiful. The colors were indescribable.

The Husband and I have always been good at seizing opportunities to take little weekend get away trips. We have reaffirmed that vow again this weekend. Life can change in such a short time. Seize all opportunites to live it to the fullest.

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