Monday, October 26, 2009

Kitchens a la Tulsa

I went on the Kitchens a la Tulsa tour Sunday with my S-i-L and two adult nieces. We had a fun afternoon together and even saw a few beautiful kitchens.

Some houses/kitchens were definitely not our styles, while others we could have moved right into. We all had our favorite details or appliances. My favorites were the microwave drawer and the oversized refrigerator/freezer (something like this, but for home use.)

We all love home tours and are going to look for more of them to attend together.

P.S. Hopefully on the next tour we won't see one thing we saw outside a house in mid-town Tulsa and that was a hawk who had just captured a squirrel and flew to the top of a tree to eat it.

Yes, I said a HAWK in mid-town Tulsa eating a squirrel on a Sunday afternoon.

Excuse me, this is not the country. Thank you.

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