Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tulsa State Fair - 1st 2009 Visit

I went to the Tulsa State Fair early this morning, with my friend Monica.

We went specifically to see all the cakes entered in the Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show and the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition and the annual butter sculpture (the artist sculpts a life size person or thing in hundreds of pounds of butter.)

The theme of the 2009 cake show is "Of Sea and Shore."

There were a considerable number of traditionally shaped cakes decorated with shells, coral, fish, mermaids, birds -- all made of SUGAR.

There were also numerous cakes that took on other shapes. Following are some that caught my eye. I call this one the crazy cake.
A watering can with flowers.
False teeth!
And my FAVORITE -- Surf and Turf! Everything is edible, the placemat, napkin, utensils, plate and food.
I admire people who have the patience to perfect this type of baking art. Loved it!

We then went looking for the butter sculpture and didn't find it. We stopped and asked two volunteers in the competitive exhibits area and we were informed there is NO BUTTER SCULPTURE THIS YEAR!

Read that again.


There's always a butter sculpture! Who made this decision? Why?

The two very nice volunteers were collecting comments from people expressing their disappointment at this decision. Of course, we expressed our displeasure.

Won't seem much like the fair this week without the butter sculpture.

For a bit of history about the Tulsa State Fair, go to Tulsa Gal's Blog. Also, note her information about BUTTER sculptures!

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