Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Been A Great Week For Me!

I spent two days in OKC (Monday & Tuesday) with niece Amy and her sweet boys -- Adam and Nathan.

I attended two Pioneer Woman cookbook signings - one where I did not get a book and one where I did!

I researched recipes on line and did menu planning and grocery shopping.

Did some laundry...
Had my nails done...
Bought a new pair of shoes (whoo hoo!)
Cocktails with my husband and many friends at a favorite restaurant on Friday night.

Life is good. And, trust me, I absolutely know that...

Please, tell me what is good in your life...


  1. New blog from me very soon!!! Dinner party with great friends last night and I made the cutest Halloween cake!! You are so right: life is good!!

  2. that sounds interesting, do you have any good recipes?