Saturday, August 25, 2012

Road Trip #2 - 2012 - Day 9

Friday, August 24 - Pioneertown, CA

Beginning odometer: 44,126

We had a great night of rest in the Hopalong room at The Pioneertown Motel.

Another shot of the motel. It is charming.

We drove into town for breakfast at John's Place. It was a good breakfast at a reasonable price. The service was fast and friendly. We would eat there again.

We then drove 30 miles into Palm Springs. Neither of us had ever been there and I didn't want to be so close and miss seeing the place.

On the way into Palm Springs, you drive past a huge wind farm. My picture in no way does justice to how many turbines are there. Click here for some awesome photos.

I've always liked how wind farms look. The seemingly lazy movement of the blades is hypnotizing to me. I must admit, however, there were so many of the turbines in this place, the lanscape began to look alien and a bit sinister. Perhaps it was a hangover from my recent time in Roswell, NM?

I must say, Palm Springs is a pretty town. However, they have taken a patch of the desert and landscaped it into a green oasis that looks a bit strange in the middle of the desert. We drove down the main street and saw lots of high-end shops, restaurants and hotels. I could vacation there, for sure. Not that I could afford it, but what the heck!

We did stop and take a couple of corny tourist photos. You expect that of us, don't you?

Hello, Marilyn!

We drove back to Yucca Valley and stopped in an antique store. I found a Kabob-It for $30. I had never seen one before. Have you? I could not get The Husband excited about it, so I left it for someone else to purchase. I found a video of one on YouTube.

I also found some California pottery with which I was not familiar. The name of the pottery is Vallona Starr. I saw examples of their corn line and fell in love. Click here for images. I think it would be a lovely addition to my personal corn pottery collection, but The Husband disagrees. I'm really going to have to start leaving him at home!

We returned to the hotel for a little nap and at approximately 4:30 p.m. there was a knock on our door. We opened it to find Cousins Charlene and Shannon! What are they doing here, you ask? They are here for the same reason we are, a family wedding!

Yes, the entire purpose of this road trip is for us to attend the wedding of The Husband's first cousin's daughter, Sonia.

As family continued to arrive at the motel, we laughed and joked and caught up with each other. In the evening, we attended the rehearsal dinner at the Rimrock Ranch. This was our first opportunity to meet the groom and his family, who were all very nice. I did not take one photo of the party (bad blogger). Trust me that it was fun and lovely and just right for this couple as they begin their married lives together.

We returned to our accomodations afterwards and sat out under the starry night sky with family until late in the evening (or early in the morning!)

Ending odometer: 44,215
Miles driven: 97

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