Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Road Trip #2 - 2012 - Day 5

Monday, August 20 - Las Cruces, NM to Phoenix, AZ

Beginning odometer: 43,294
Departure time: 10:00 a.m.

Before we left the Big Chile Inn for the road, we had to take a few photos.

If you follow me on Twitter, you have already seen their official vehicle. 

What's that above my head?

Look! A sign!

How big is it?


Aren't we cute?

In addition to us taking pictures of ourselves with the world's largest chile, there was a tour group organized through a British university doing the same thing. Their tour consisted of visiting US military test sites and UFO sighting spots in the area. As The Husband said to one of them, "Oh, just like we are doing!"

After saying good-bye to Innkeeper David, we went next door for breakfast. Our room rate included breakfast, but we wanted more than cold cereal and toast.

The Husband ordered one of the specials, which was described as two eggs, two link sausage and four MINI pancakes. Do those look mini to you? Part of the American weight problem, perhaps? He ate one of them!

After breakfast we took I-10 out of Las Cruces, headed west towards Phoenix, AZ.

We did not stop except for gas and bathroom breaks.

There were no fun "world's largest ______" to be seen.

Interstate highways get you were you are going faster, but take a good portion of fun and silliness out of road trips.

We did see a number of pecan groves in Arizona, just like in New Mexico. We also saw a sign for walnuts. We didn't recognize the walnut trees as we were whizzing down the interstate at 75 mph, but I'm sure they were there. 

We arrived at our hotel 2:30 p.m. Phoenix time. Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone, but doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time in most of the state. How confusing! Click here for more information.

Our room is very nice and look what we see out the window! Why, it's the Arizona Diamondbacks Stadium. I think there might be a ball game in my immediate future, what do you think?

We settled into our room and rested. We spoke to the hotel front desk staff and received a listing of local restaurants. Fortunately, our hotel offers a free shuttle in the downtown area. Mr. Joey took us to The Arrogant Butcher.

Chuck, the bartender, made us great cocktails and served us good food. A nice evening, in our opinion.  The Husband phoned after we finished our dinner and Mr. Joey arrived to ferry us back to the hotel. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Mr. Joey to drive us around all the time? It would be like "Driving Miss Daisy" only it would be "Driving The Husband and Cindy!"

We were delivered safely to our hotel at 9:00 p.m.ish and we retired to our bed chamber.

Ending odometer: 43,674
Miles driven: 380

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