Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road Trip #2 - 2012 - Day 2

Friday, August 17 - Wichita Falls, TX to Roswell, NM

Beginning odometer: 42,658
Departure time: 9:40 a.m.

We had a nice, hot breakfast at the hotel 
while reading USA Today.
If you follow me on Twitter, you know I tweeted 
a comment and this photo.
Guess what? They answered me!

We took Highway 82 West out of Wichita Falls.

We lost our 3G internet connection in the middle of flat West Texas.
It's hard to look up fun facts on roadside attractions 
during the drive without the internet!

We stopped at a flea market in Lubbock, TX.
According to the internet it was open Wednesday - Sunday.
Or, according to another internet listing it's open Friday - Sunday.
It was technically "open" when we arrived.
Three booths were open.

We exited Lubbock on Highway 82 west.

Some of the things we saw along the highway:

A concrete gorilla in a plowed field.

A concrete dinosaur (looked like a Triceratops) next to the gorilla.

A huge dead pig on the side of the road. 
It must have been a feral hog,
because we didn't see any pig farms along the way.

Folks picking watermelons in a huge field just east of Plains, TX.
A semi-truck loaded with watermelons driving away from the field.
Colorful and cheerful watermelon flags waving on the light posts in Plains, TX.

I apologize for not getting pictorial proof of the exciting attractions listed above.
When you are whizzing down a two lane highway at 70 MPH,
it's not that easy to stop.
The Husband volunteered to "go back" but I told him no need.
You'll just have to trust me!

We stopped at a really nice rest area east of Brownfield, TX.
Why doesn't Oklahoma have nice rest areas like other states?
I need to start a petition to correct this issue when I return home.

We stopped at an antique mall in Brownfield.
This is their sign.
It's a little worse for the wear.
Every booth in the mall needed a good dusting.
Like a 'can of Pledge in each booth' dusting.

The ladies working the mall were very sweet.
Some of the booths had great items. 
One booth in particular had an amazing amount of Pyrex,
in addition to hundreds of crocheted doilies.

We seriously considered purchasing these large doilies
for our brother-in-law.
We thought he would really appreciate their circular shape and color scheme.
We knew they would remind him of good times.

However, we ultimately walked away from them.
I hope we don't regret that decision.

We continued on Highway 82 West and once we crossed into New Mexico,
we entered the Mountain Time Zone.

We rolled into Roswell, NM at 4:00 p.m.

Dairy Capital of the Southwest?
More like Alien Capital of the United States.

Rest assured, dear readers, I'm here to investigate the situation!

We found a nice, clean, cheap hotel and checked in for a couple of nights.
The front desk girl was delightful.
She totally understood my "alien" obsession.

We had dinner at Cattle Baron.
We had never been to this chain restaurant.
The meal was quite good.

As is our custom, we sat at the bar so The Husband
could see sports on TV and we could chat to the bartender about Roswell.
We sat down next to a couple and said "hello."
And they were off....
We barely got a word in edgewise during the conversation.
We learned all about their jobs, their family, their kids, their grandkids, their friends, basically everything in 40 minutes.
Even the bartender said after they left, "Wow. Did you get a chance to talk?"

Back to the hotel and in bed by 10:00 p.m.

End of day odometer reading: 43,036
Total miles driven: 378

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