Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Well Do You Listen?

Do you really listen to what people say to you?

When you are with friends or new acquaintances,
is your goal to tell everything you have ever seen, heard, learned?

Do you care what your friends or new acquaintances
 have seen, heard, learned?

Do you allow the "give and take" of conversation?

Do you engage people in real conversation? 

The Husband and I have ended long term friendships 
because we felt we were not being engaged in real conversation. 

In fact, it was more than our feelings.

It was the truth.

It is amazing to us the number of people who don't really listen.

We experienced it, once again, this week.

It was so very frustrating.

Is it too much to ask for give and take in a conversation?

1 comment:

  1. I totally understand that. I have that problem with some friends but we are kind of stuck because they are our very, very close, in proximity, at the cabin neighbors. Makes it hard to chat and have her eyes wandering off somewhere and you know the mind has gone there too.