Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Day 2

Monday, April 16th - Conway, AR to Corinth, MS

We slept well on Sunday night as storms moved through Conway, AR. The next morning was cloudy and cool, but there was no rain. We breakfasted at Waffle House, which was mere steps from our hotel room.

We like to go to Waffle Houses and listen to the waitresses shout the orders to the grill cook and the grill cook confirm back what he heard. They talk in mysterious Waffle House lingo and we've yet to see an incorrect order come off the grill.

After breakfast, we loaded the car and drove away. Time was 9:49 a.m. and the odometer read 35,234.

Within the first 5 minutes of driving, we saw a large antique mall. Oh, joy! Oh, no! It was closed on Mondays. What? Were the antique shopping gods against me?

We ended up stopping at Carrie's Flea Market. My, my. It was very flea like and entertaining. There was a man with a small toy dog in his shopping cart and he was telling everyone who would listen that the dog's name was Timex and he was a watch dog. Get it? A watch dog! Har de har har!

One of the ladies working at the flea market had a few $1 bills pinned to her shirt. I asked, of course, about them and was informed that it was her birthday money. She said the last time someone did that at the flea market, they collected $100 for their birthday. I wished her luck, but did not contribute.

We got back on the road and headed toward Memphis. We crossed into Tennessee for a short time, but could not get a photo of the "Welcome to Tennessee" sign. Traffic and such, you know. Safety first! We will be able to get a shot of the sign on Tuesday (fingers crossed).

We had to stop for gas and decided to pick up a couple of healthy snacks. Salty for me. Sweet for him.

In the course of our travels along the state lines, we crossed into Mississippi and were able to snap a photo.

We stopped at a antique/junque shop on US 72, but I failed to get the name. (bad blogger) The owner's residence was attached to the shop, so when we entered and the bell rang he came over from the house. He had a lot of cast iron and several pieces of Pyrex. Prices weren't good enough for me as a reseller, but it's nice that they were so reasonable for individual collectors.

Shortly after we left his shop, we saw a sign for the National Bird Dog Museum. We did not detour to visit. We agreed next time we were in the area, we would make time! Hee hee.

We pulled into Corinth, MS at around 3:30 p.m. We checked into The General's Quarters, which is a very nice B&B. We got settled into the room and rested for a bit, then took a short walk downtown. Everyone is very nice here. Even their graffiti is polite!

We had dinner at Russell's Beef House, a locally owned place. Excellent meal, friendly staff and friendly customers. Be sure to check out the food photos on their website. They grill over an open pit in the dining room. And, let me just say their grilled garlic bread is to die for!

They have a unique set-up. The guy who grills your steak is also the guy who runs the cash register. :-)  If you are ever in Corinth, MS we recommend you go to Russell's for dinner.

We are now back at The General's Quarters, ready to retire for the night. After the Yankees finish their game, of course!

End of day odometer reading = 35,510.

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  1. Rats, a lot of antique malls are closed on Monday's, I forgot about that. We used to travel like that from antique mall to antique mall. Haven't done it in a long time. What fun you guys are having.