Saturday, April 28, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Day 9

Monday, April 23 - Charleston, SC

At 5:30 a.m. we were awakened by truck noise. Lots of loud truck noise. Not only was it trash day, but there were also huge dumpsters full of construction debris that were being emptied. Joy! Joy! Joy!

We finally rolled out of bed at 8:15 a.m. At 8:30 a.m., the phone rang advising The Husband our breakfast would be delivered soon. It was very nice to get advance warning before the knock on the door!

After breakfast, we opted to walk to the Visitors Center. Silly us. The walk was longer than we anticipated. The Visitors Center was very busy. Lots of people in line waiting for information and tour tickets. We waited in line at least 30 minutes, perhaps longer, to purchase our tickets for the 2 hour Gullah Tour, conducted by Alphonso Brown.

We both enjoyed this tour. Alphonso is a funny, informative guide and we learned so much about Charleston's history. We also developed a keen appreciation for Philip Simmons, Blacksmith. He was the maker of many of Charleston's iron gate works of art. If you ever visit this fine city, we recommend you take this tour. You will not be sorry.

The tour ended at the Visitors Center and we caught the free trolley back to The City Market. I was more than a bit disappointed by the majority of the vendors in the market. I thought it would be primarily hand made, locally grown or vintage items. Unfortunately, it was primarily new tourist items. There were, however, a number of Sweetgrass Basket vendors, who were friendly and happy to educate us on the time honored craft. We did not purchase a basket during this visit to the market, but I knew I would not leave Charleston without one!

We had a quick lunch at Toast and repaired to our room for a short rest.

After our rest, we walked through the graveyard at the Circular Congregational Church, two blocks from our B&B. I love graveyards. I think they are places to remember and celebrate the people who have lived before us.

See the large tree in the background?

Here we are at the base of the tree. A sweet, older couple took our photograph and told us on their guided tour they were told that experts believe the tree to be 350 years old. They could take a core sample and determine the exact age, but have opted to refrain for fear of killing the tree. A good decision, in my opinion!

After visiting the graveyard, we continued our walk in the neighborhood and came upon a couple of basket creators. (We were told on the Gullah tour that they do not "weave" the basket, but prefer the term "sew.")

I carefully selected a basket to purchase and here you see the sewer signing and dating it for me.

We returned to the room and prepared to meet The Friend and The Wife for dinner. She is just as nice and easy to converse with as her husband. We had such a fun evening.

We walked to the Peninsula Grill for a pre-dinner drink and then moved on to dinner at Hank's Seafood Restaurant. After dinner, we walked to Charleston Grill and enjoyed a drink along with the music of a live jazz combo.

If you ever visit Charleston, you want to have a friend like The Friend. He knows all the cool and happening places and is a great drink and food guide for the city!

This was a day we did not even see our car, much less take it out of the garage. Walking everywhere made for immediate slumber once our heads hit the pillows!

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  1. Love Charleston. What a beautiful city it is. I bought one of those baskets when I was there. It sits proudly in our den.