Friday, March 30, 2012

The Sister's Hand

The Sister had a small cyst on a tendon in her left hand. It began to irritate her and cause some pain.

She scheduled surgery, but had to change it due to The Brother-in-Law's travel schedule. Then she had to reschedule because of The Nieces' spring break. Then (drum roll), she needed to reschedule because of The Brother-in-Law's travel schedule! The decision was finally made to proceed with the last date. The Husband and I were tasked to take the place of The Brother-in-Law.

We spent the night at The Sister's house. I was in charge of The Sister. The Husband was in charge of The Nieces.
  • We got up at 5am.
  • We left the house at 5:30am.
  • We arrived at the surgery center at 5:50am.
  • The center opened at 6am.
  • The Sister went "back" at 6:20am.
  • The nurse told me surgery began at 7:30am.
  • The nurse told me surgery ended at 7:50am.
  • I phoned The Brother-in-Law & The Mom to advise surgery was finished and she was in Recovery. 
  • The doctor spoke to me at 8:10am and confirmed everything went well.
  • I was called back to Recovery at 8:30am to see The Sister and receive post-surgery instructions. (The nurse told The Sister that I was in charge of her for the day. Total win for me!)
  • We left the surgery center at 8:50am.
  • We stopped at the pharmacy at 9:00am to leave the pain medicine prescription to be filled.
  • We arrived at IHOP at 9:10am.
  • We enjoyed breakfast from 9:10am until 10:00am.

The Sister looks pretty good, post surgery, doesn't she? Could be the meds. Or, perhaps the bacon? I think the bacon.

While we were having fun at the surgery center, The Husband was having fun getting The Nieces ready for school.

This photo is post dressing, but pre-hair brushing. Not bad. 
  • Breakfast was eaten
  • Hair was brushed
  • A few cartoons watched
  • Off to school
As The Husband said, "They were little angels for me." We were so proud.

The Sister recovered at her home during the day and I did a few necessary things at my house. Later in the day, I picked the girls up from their after school karate class and took them to their Miller Swim School class. We came home, ate pizza and went to bed early (8:30pm). This was normal bed time for the girls, but The Sister and I were exhausted from getting up so early that day. :-)

The next morning, the girls had late start at school due to teacher's meetings. I fixed their hair for school. Behold, channeling La La Loopsie!

The Sister felt no pain from the surgery and had been previously released to drive 24 hours after surgery. She took the girls to school and also drove herself to a follow-up doctor's appointment in the afternoon.

I picked the girls up at school and took them home. I also allowed them to have not one, but two, snacks. I'm a push over, what can I say?

The Sister came home with a band-aid over her stiches and a good report from the surgeon.

What better outcome could you wish for? None, I say!

The End.


  1. You and your sister look alike and may I say, you are a good sister and aunt.

  2. Busy, busy, busy. Your sis has great backup! Cute little ones too.