Friday, October 14, 2011

Men's Dress Code Violation

The Husband and I pulled into the Northwest Inn parking lot in Woodward, OK this evening and saw a grown man getting into a truck with another man wearing a tee shirt, basketball shorts like these and workboots like these.


We went for dinner at J B's Steakhouse, which is a nice restaurant. There was a family of four waiting for a table. Father, mother, son and daughter. The father was wearing the same outfit as the man at the hotel, except his boots looked like this.

Really? Couldn't you dress a little better to take your family to dinner on Friday night?

It wasn't just me thinking these thoughts, as there was another family of four waiting for a table and they were talking about it when he left the waiting area. I heard the daughter from that group say "His son is going to grow up thinking it is okay to dress like that in public."

Casual dress has become way too casual. Let's go back to the time when people put some effort into dressing before going out.

(I won't even tell you about the guy at the steakhouse whose untucked shirt didn't cover the bottom of his belly, which was hanging over his pants.)

What do you think? Do you think a return to more formal public dress is in order?

We are almost home from our trip to New Mexico and I'll have a few vacation stories to share with you during the coming week!

Updated to add:

Dinner at J B's Steakhouse was excellent. We are happy to recommend it for a nice meal and good service.

The Northwest Inn is a good place to stay. It appears to be recently renovated and was clean, with lots of amenities. The free hot breakfast for hotel guests was excellent. We are also happy to recommend this facility!

Note: These are our opinions, we were not compensated for these recommendations.


  1. I don't know whether to be sad or grateful that the pictures didn't show up!

  2. The belly thing really grosses me out, no matter what the occasion. Cover up that big ole' belly, boys! It's not a good look.

  3. Society has become too acceptable of casual anything and everything, ranging from speech to dress to social interactions. A sense of formality is confident and reassuring. There definitely needs to be a return to more formal public engagement.