Monday, August 17, 2009

Purging The Old Office

I've been spending time the last few days purging files in my home office. It certainly feels good and has provided me with a few laughs.

Most of the corporate files are no longer relevant. I really have embraced the "paperless office" concept, but even with my discipline of disposing of work papers as projects end, there is still a considerable amount of stuff I kept. About half of it I can just toss in the trash, but the other half needs to be disposed of by shredding.

Other files are personal stuff, which have caused me to shake my head and/or laugh when reviewing.

The most fun file to review so far has been my "decorating ideas" file. You know the one...the one where you rip pages out of magazines, catalogs, or newspapers showing everything from house plans, to furniture, accessories, paint colors, etc. that "speak to you" and you would like to incorporate in your home.

As I've aged, my tastes have refined. I could still absolutely see why I pulled every one of those pages and filed it away for future perusal. I confess, some of the pages I didn't have the heart to toss. Guess I'll be keeping a "decorating ideas" file for a while!

It will be energizing to have a cleaned out, re-organized home office, with space for new project materials.

I just have to finish the work!

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