Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wardrobe Maintenance

Being a home based employee is great.  I wear jeans every day, and depending on the season, short or long sleeve tops (or sweatshirts).  I have a few "office outfits" to wear when I'm asked to travel for corporate meetings. Those clothes, plus other casual pieces, have served me when I need to dress for an event at home.  However, I was looking at my clothes this week and decided I need a big infusion of new stuff.  

I used to be quite the clothes horse.  I shopped every week and was constantly adding to my wardrobe--while never paying full price for any item.  I was an expert lurker of sale racks at my favorite stores.  There was nothing better than acquiring an item for 60-70% off the original price.

Now, I need to re-develop the desire to aggressively shop my favorite stores and their sale racks.  I know the deals are out there, but I haven't pursued them for a number of years.  

I'll tell you why my current wardrobe has become an issue in tomorrow's post!

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  1. You mean you dress while working at home? I thought it was completely acceptable to wake up and go into the office in your sweats!!