Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Work at Home

I am a virtual employee for a global company.  I have 6 years experience in this environment.  Being a virtual employee can mean availability outside the normal 8-5, Monday-Friday work schedule.  There are times when this is inconvenient, but for the most part it is very manageable.

To be a successful virtual employee, there are several things I think are important. They are:
  • Have an official office in your home, with all the equipment and storage you need. 
  • Remain in your home office during regular business hours. 
  • At the end of the regular business day, exit your home office.
  • Keep your personal life separate, just like you would if you were working in a traditional office.
When you work at home, don't work "at home"
  • the kitchen is for cooking
  • the dining room is for dining
  • the living room is for living
  • the home office is for working 
Being a home based, virtual employee doesn't mean you can't throw a load of laundry in or run to the grocery store.  However, it does mean that during regular business hours your manager, your team and your customers should be able to connect easily with you, just as if you were sitting in the corporate office.

Two of my favorite phrases to describe home working are: 
  • I work where I live, not live where I work.
  • Work is a thing I do, not a place I go.
I am grateful my employer has allowed me to work in this manner for the past several years.  It would be quite a challenge for me if I was ever asked to return to a traditional office!


  1. I, too, am now working from home. Would you like to come help me set up my home office??? :)

  2. You bet! We would have fun.