Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Family Gender Reveal Party

I blogged about a family "gender reveal" party here.
The result of that party was our lovely Lucye Jane.
How sweet is she?

The Husband and I attended another family gender reveal party this week
for our sweet niece, Mary and her husband, Joel.

We all predicted the gender of the baby by voting on this board.
We also suggested boy and girl names, but I didn't get a photo of those. :-(
(Yes, Cynthia was a suggestion from me!)

There were pink and blue cupcakes for everyone.
The secret is inside!

Mary was so nervous she couldn't bite into the cupcake,
so she had Joel do the honors.

The results are:

We are having a boy!


Have you ever been to a gender reveal party?
They are fun!


  1. Great idea! We find out about our new grand baby in about three weeks! Thanks for including us in the party. Cherry Kay

  2. I have never been to a gender reveal party. My friend had the doctor enclose the gender of her baby in an envelope and on Christmas morning, one of the other kids got to open it up and let every one know what the new baby will be.

  3. I've never heard of that kind of party, but it sounds like a wonderful idea!


  4. I've heard of it, but never been to one. I think it would be great...especially if you've already had a kid, then you can still celebrate all the others!


  5. I've never heard of this before. How fun and what a great way to bit into the cupcake for the answer.