Saturday, March 14, 2015

"I pooped and peed and have on panties and I'm dry!"

Today has been an extra good day.

The Husband and I:

* Went out for breakfast.

* Went for manicures & pedicures at the mall.  I'll never understand why he didn't have his toenails & fingernails painted purple, with multi colored glitter on top, like I did. He just NEVER wants to match! What's up with that?  :-)

* Bought new bed pillows.

* Stopped in for a short visit with friends at their home. Their adorable granddaughter was there. She proudly proclaimed, "I pooped and peed and have on panties and I'm dry!" Our response? "Yippee! Such an accomplishment!" Of course, we all aspire to that when we are very young and when we are aging rapidly. :-)

* Stopped in at a favorite local restaurant for a late bite of lunch and had a lovely visit with friends who were there.

* Had a 2 hour nap.

* Went out to another favorite restaurant for a light dinner and laughs with the staff.

It's important to appreciate the good days.  I hope your day was also good!

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