Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Stop to Smell the Roses"

This morning my version of "Stop to Smell the Roses" was 
"Stop to Photograph the Daffodils."

The Husband and I are fortunate to live close 
to a true Tulsa treasure, Woodward Park

Daffodils have been planted on the west side of the park, 
next to Peoria Avenue for years.

Every spring when they start to poke their stems out of the ground, I get excited.

Bright yellow daffodils are one of my most favorite flowers.

This morning, as I drove to Old School Bagel Cafe to get my morning indulgence, 
I passed the daffodils in the park and had a thought. 

What thought, you ask?

"I'm going to take a few minutes, pull into the park, get out of the car 
and take pictures of the beautiful flowers."

Which is just what I did.

Aren't they pretty?  They make me happy.

What flowers make you happy?

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