Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Mexico

We took a road trip in August.

We drove through the Oklahoma Panhandle.
We had dinner at our favorite steakhouse in Guymon the first night.

Driving out of town the next morning, we saw this vision of loveliness.

Her name is Calamity Jane and she was a 60th birthday present for the man of the house. The woman of the house loves it when people stop and take pictures.
The dogs on the porch weren't so sure about it!

Hello, New Mexico!

Hello, Taos!

We stayed at the La Dona Luz Inn
This was our fourth stay at the Inn. 
It is very charming and homey.
I loved these beautiful flowers on the breakfast patio.

One day we walked the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

On the way back to Taos, I noticed these road signs.
I love that New Mexico is strange.

We walked lots of galleries and saw beautiful art.
Paintings, photographs, furniture, jewelry, fabric art. 
This was posted in one gallery.
How true.

We ate a lovely restaurants.
Lambert's of Taos - This is our favorite. Go in and say "hi" to Frank at the bar.
Mosaic Fine Dining - The food here was good. The owners are a nice young couple.
Martyrs Steakhouse - We just had an appetizer here. It was delicious.

We took a nap every afternoon when the clouds rolled over the mountains and the thunder, lightening and rain came.

We read books.

There was a car show on the Taos Plaza our last night in town.

We drove home through Texas.
See those big fluffy clouds and beautiful blue sky?
The sky was beyond gorgeous the day we left New Mexico.

We stopped in Amarillo for the night so we could eat at The Big Texan.
No, we didn't eat the 72 oz steak.
There was someone there who was close to finishing it,
but we didn't stay to see the final result.
I knew I could check the Hall of Fame later.
He didn't conquer the steak dinner that night.
Poor guy.

Home the next day.
Laundry storted and started.
Suitcases stored away.

When's our next trip?

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