Saturday, August 3, 2013

Roadtrip - July 24, 2013

Beginning odometer: 56,417
Ending odometer: 56,656

After a quick breakfast, we drove to the Missouri state capital and took a walk around.

We walked to the Lewis & Clark Trailhead Plaza.

The Husband wanted to be part of the action.

He'd be a great explorer.

We found a perfect spot for a photo of the two of us. 
Here's The Husband setting up the shot with our little tripod.
Why, yes, we are dorks. Thanks for noticing!

After leaving the state capital, we went to a couple of antique malls. 

I walked into the Missouri Boulevard Antique Mall 
and the first item I saw was a beautiful Wilendur roses tablecloth.

I have a couple of cloths in this pattern already, but needed another one 
so I can layer them over my dining table when it is fully extended.
I've been watching them on eBay, but they can be very pricey.  
I picked this one up for $12. 
Yes, $12! 
I was doing a happy dance, I must say.

We also shopped at Yellow Moon Antique Mall.
We didn't purchase anything there, even though the place was full of goodies.

After shopping, we got in the car and headed to Burlington, Iowa.

Here I am waving to a tour bus full of people. The driver waved back.
I couldn't see in the tinted windows to know if any of the passengers waved.

And, here's my posed photo!

The Husband picked Burlington, Iowa as a stop on our trip,
so we could attend a Burlington Bees game!
He loves baseball and makes it a point to see games at stadiums, 
large and small, during our travels.

The mascot was greeting fans at the gate.

It was a perfect night for the game.
We had awesome seats.
The weather was pleasant.
The beer was cold.
The crowd was enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, the Bees lost.
Other than that minor detail, it was a great night at the ball park!

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