Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hideous or Stupendous?

I purchased a vintage purse at an estate sale this week. My first thought when I laid eyes upon it was, "My Lord, that is hideous. But wait, it's also kinda stupendous."

Hideous = offensive to the senses & especially to sight; exceedingly ugly
Stupendous = causing astonishment or wonder

What do you think?

Why yes, it is a glorious gold lamé! The embroidery on the front reads:

I LOVE . . . .

And underneath the flap with a ? mark on it, in very tiny embroidery it says "sex"!

There is also a message on the back of the purse.

The embroidery reads:

I HATE . . . .

The inside of the purse is immaculate...

with a "Custom Made By Kurt Chambré" tag.

So, what do you think? Hideous? or Stupendous?

Personally, I'm going with stupendous. This purse has revived my long dormant love of gold lamé. Who needs a "statement" necklace when you can have a "statement" purse? I am so going to be "rocking" it this holiday season by carrying this purse.

P.S. It cost me $10. Yes, just $10 for this STUPENDOUS bag.

Note to my readers:
I've googled Kurt Chambré and all I find are listings for purses by him that have sold. I have not found any information on him as a designer. If you happen to know anything about him and would be willing to share it with me, I would be grateful. Thanks!

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  1. its not that bad though, nice bargain !

  2. That is fantastic! Very unusual!! Happy VTT

  3. Well I would have to say that is one I have never seen before. Some lady must have lived a full life and left her messages to others.

  4. Use it and don't give a d@mn what anyone else thinks of your stupendous purse :)

  5. That purse is super funny! I think it is so bad that it is good.