Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Report # 2 - The Naughty or Nice List Hubbub

The Husband always communicates with Santa and his elves
on Christmas Eve.
Last year, the youngest niece somehow ended up on the naughty list.
A phone call was made and that obvious mistake was quickly rectified. 

Prior to our fancy Christmas Eve dinner this year, 
The Husband checked the Naughty or Nice list from his phone.

Oh no. There was a problem.

Big Sister A's name was on the Nice list,
but Sweet Baby L's name was once again on the Naughty list.

The Husband immediately phoned the North Pole
and spoke to the Head Elf in Charge!

Sweet Baby L maintained her composure during the call.
However, if you look closely at her hands you will see she was taking
no chances and crossing her fingers for a good outcome.

The Head Elf in Charge advised they had received good reports from 'Elf on the Shelf Wayne' on Sweet Baby L's behaviour and this was a mistake. 
He told The Husband to check in 5 minutes and all should be rectified. 
It was a tense 5 minutes until they could look at the list again.

Success! Her name was moved to the correct list! Christmas was saved!

Big Sister A was the perfect supporter and advocate for her little sister
during this anxious situation,
telling everyone that she had been really good all year.

P.S. The adults have determined that 2012's Christmas activities 
will not feature Sweet Baby L's name on the naughty list. 
She's taken it very well the last two years,
but a third year in a row might cause real tears.

 I'm going to be the "sacrificial lamb" for 2012.

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