Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Snow Day, Ground Hog Day & Superbowl Sunday!

A beautiful snowfall started this morning. 
Big, fluffy, pretty flakes.

I planned a big breakfast for this morning.  
Oatmeal, bacon and toast. 

 We were low on (out of date) bread and had less than a gallon of milk.  
We failed at advance preparation for the snow storm.

I was, however, able to fix a delicious breakfast. 

We gave The Husband the strength to clear the driveway.

 My fireplace mantle decor is appropriate today.

Three snow scenes collected by me and three gifted to me.
Part of my dead lady art collection. 

We have a new Nikon Coolpix S9500 camera. 
I'm not sure I like it.
The mantle pictures are yellowish, don't you think?
The other pics in the post were taken with my iPhone.

I'm going to start this book this afternoon:

Oh, and I suppose I'll watch the Super Bowl this evening.

What are you doing today?

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