Sunday, January 12, 2014

Orange is the New Green

Remember 4-5 years ago when green purses were all the rage?
Everywhere I looked...someone was carrying a green purse.
Most people I knew...owned a green purse.

A nephew-in-law is a sales person for the Ashley Furniture Company
I asked him what the trend is for 2014. 
His response?
Gray and orange. 
His preference is gray with a pop of orange.
However, they have done some special orders of orange couches. 

Back to purses...

We spent the weekend in Oklahoma City. 
During the day Saturday, we spent time with our extended family.
Saturday evening, we went to the Thunder game. 
After the game we went to Flint
We spent the night at Colcord
Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at #2027 Waffle House!

After breakfast, we shopped the OKC Outlet Mall.

Back to purses.

Everywhere I looked this weekend, women were carrying ORANGE purses.

You heard it here first.
Orange is the New Green!

What color purse do you carry?

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