Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

It's another New Year, all bright and shiny.  
I'm full of optimisim that good things are going to happen this year. 
How about you?
I hope your 2014 will be spectacular, because that is what I'm planning for mine!

I'm not going to promise that I'm will blog more in 2014. 
My total number of blog posts have declined over the years.

2013 = 51
2012 = 114
2011 = 163
2010 = 235
2009 = 237

I still have stories to tell you, some are even in draft status waiting to be finished.
Maybe I should focus on finishing the drafts?  What do you think?

My five year blog anniversary will be February 16, 2014.
I'll try to write a better post on that day than my very first post!

I hope you stick with me in 2014!

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