Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Road Trip #2 - 2012 - Day 19

Monday, September 3 - San Francisco

Beginning odometer: 45,081

Today's destination? Oakland!

We started our day at a neighborhood joint, Home Plate Restaurant. We had an excellent breakfast and were highly entertained by the numerous cute babies that were there.

Our hotel was not located adjacent to BART, so we took a cab to the closest station. What was our destination, you ask? An Oakland A's game at the O.co Coliseum.

The A's are the only MLB team that still share a stadium with a NFL team.

The A's have some baseball credentials.

The Husband was excited to see the stadium. It was really strange to us that most of the fans brought in their own beer and food. I mean, six packs of chilled beer and sacks of home-made food! We saw some mouth watering fried chicken being passed amongst one family. Made us want to ask for a piece!

It was a beautiful day for baseball.

Really, dude? I didn't pay for a ticket to see you half naked. The A's fans are some of, if not the, loudest fans in the MLB. On this day, they were in rare form.

We had a great time, but opted to leave the game early to take BART back across the bay. We cabbed it back to the hotel and started discussing the eternal question, "What's for dinner?" Somehow we ended up at Perry's again. Third night in a row. What can I say? They have a varied menu and it's all good food. I became a big fan of their chili.

Ending odometer: 45,081
Miles driven: 0

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