Monday, October 8, 2012

Road Trip #2 - 2012 - Day 17

Saturday, September 1 - San Francisco

Beginning odometer: 44,985

To start our day, The Husband walked the neighborhood and found us bagels and coffee. While he was gone, I readied myself for the day.

Our destination? Sausalito!

This was our maiden drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.

There was no fog, so we could see the bridge.

Driving on the bridge.

It was a beautiful day. Me in Sausalito with San Francisco in the background.

The Husband and San Francisco.

After our enjoyable afternoon walking through the tourist shops, we took a break and had some yummy ice cream at Lappert's.

We drove back across the bridge to the hotel. We donned our walking shoes and went in search of dinner. Should we have a hot dog?

Or pizza? Do you see The Husband?

We ended up back on Union Street and stopped in at Perry's.

The bartenders, Bill and Danny, were very funny and hospitable. We enjoyed a good meal, great cocktails and fun conversation while sitting at their bar.

As the evening wound down, the locals started filling the bar and the dice came out. Bill and Danny played several rousing games of "liar's dice" with their patrons. The dice rolls were fast and furious, as were the conversations and challenges. We were highly entertained!

Bedtime came before we knew it.

Ending odometer: 44,995
Miles driven: 10

P.S. I purchased this purse in Sausalito. What do you think?


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