Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Road Trip #2 - 2012 - Day 18

Sunday, September 2 - San Francisco

Beginning odometer: 44,995

Today's destination? Sonoma

Our route took us across the Golden Gate Bridge. But, wait! The weather was different than the previous day.

Do you see a bridge?

Hello? Bridge? Any one?????

We just assumed it was there. It couldn't have disappeared overnight. Could it?

We arrived in Sonoma (after surviving tough Labor Day weekend traffic) and circled and circled and circled the town in search of a parking space.

In the first public parking lot, we saw a confrontation between a pedestrian and a driver that resulted in screaming curses and rude hand gestures.

In the second parking lot, The Husband pulled into a space and, as he backed up to straighten the car in the space, the driver behind us laid on his horn to indicate his displeasure with us.

By the time we walked to the town center, we were in need of a libation. We quickly entered Steiners.

Yes, we knew we were in Sonoma. Yes, we knew Sonoma is the home of great wines. It didn't matter. We ordered a beer, a diet coke and some tamales. It was a perfect, calm interlude after the stress of getting to the town square.

After we left Steiners and we walked around the town square. We stopped in at
Ledson Hotel & Centre du Vin for a glass of wine. The Husband selected a red.

I selected a chardonnay.

Our wine.

As we drank our wine, we witnessed yet another unpleasant situation. A customer was very impatient and very hateful to the wait staff. As in, he was a total jerk. After the jerk customer left, the other customers started telling the wait staff his actions were totally uncalled for and they should not take it personally. Unfortunately, the staff were bummed by the actions of this guy.

This situation was a case study in how wait staff should, and should not, be treated. Let's remember we are all human beings and are equals. Okay? Okay. Plus, who knows when we may have to work in a restaurant? 'Nuff said.

We finished our glass of wine and continued our walk around Sonoma Square before heading to our car.

We didn't enjoy our trip to Sonoma, which was very disappointing. I have always wanted to go there and drink wine and walk around and be "cool." Unfortunately, that did not happen. People were too grumpy and rude. We do not like grumpy and rude people. Should we blame it on Labor Day weekend?

We battled our way through Labor Day traffic to return to San Francisco. Look, the bridge is still missing!

Hello. Bridge? Are you there?

Once again we arrived at the hotel and put on our walking shoes and went in search of dinner. Perhaps we were just looking for beer, wine, BOOZE and advice?

We returned to Perry's. We don't usually eat at the same place twice on vacation, but we made an exception because we had good food and a fun time there the previous evening.

We walked in, sat at the bar and ordered a cocktail. We chatted to the young man seated next to us and discovered he was an employee of Perry's. As we talked to him and the bartender, they mentioned that one of their regular customers (as in virtually every day) had been written up in the San Francisco Chronicle. The customer's name? Maurice Kanbar.

Why, you ask, am I mentioning Maurice Kanbar? Because he has a connection to Tulsa. A big connection.

A number of years ago, Mr. Kanbar purchased probably 1/3 of Tulsa's downtown buildings. There were great hopes that his love of the Tulsa Art Deco buildings and, quite frankly, his money would result in a renaissance in downtown Tulsa. There was talk of residences, shopping and restaurants within his buildings. Vision is a great and exciting thing. And there was plenty of that after Kanbar's purchase of the buildings. However, new! and exciting! changes didn't happen after his purchase of the buildings. Blasted economy!

Fortunately for Tulsa, in the years since Kanbar's purchases, other projects have been able to enhance our downtown core. Perhaps Mr. Kanbar should revisit his vision for his Tulsa properties? I think so!

Another fun evening at Perry's was had by us. Off to bed we went...

Ending odometer: 45,081
Miles driven: 86

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