Sunday, February 22, 2009

House Plants

Sunday is my day to water the house plants and I thought about just how long I have been taking care of them. Two of them I've been responsible for since before The Husband and I married (which is almost 15 years) and two of them came into my life shortly after the marriage.

I looked around at the other plants in the house and realized they are long term members of the family. There's the vine The Husband brought to the marriage and let's not forget the African Violet that used to live with my sister, but came to stay with me a few  years ago and has since been divided into two plants that even bloom now.

We have a number of plants we received in the past few years as gestures of sympathy at the passing of both his parents and my father.  A good friend sent us a Ficus Tree (really?) when my father passed a number of years ago.  It's known as the "Daddy Tree" and has lived with my sister, my mom, me and is now back with my sister. 

It's a bit strange to look at these plants and realize how old some of them are. Are there plant years, like dog years?  

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