Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Geography Lesson

The Husband and I spent an amusing hour in a dusty, junky antique mall recently.  My treasure was this stack of metal souvenir plates.

The Alaska plate has a label on the back "From Lucy & Stan 1969."  The South Carolina plate has this label "Happy Birthday, Dad 1997"  

From all of these, I had to remove stickers used to hang them on the wall.  Which, I guess, is the original purpose for plates like this.  To hang them on the wall and remember a trip.   I suppose it is better than the typical fate of souvenir state tablecloths or dish towels.  How sad is it when they are lovingly stored in a drawer and never seen or  used?

My philosophy is, if you own it, use it!  My mother has always, and I mean always, had a stack of these plates that she uses as paper plate holders.  I didn't appreciate eating off the state of Missouri when I was growing up, but I think it's great now that I'm older.

Sometime soon, The Husband and I will invite a crowd of folks over and he'll fire up the grill.  I'll whip out my large tablecloth with the entire US map on it, along with a couple of smaller, vintage state cloths and this stack of plates.   

I'll try to make sure I get the Alaska plate.  And, while eating, I'll think of Lucy and Stan and their trip to Alaska 40 years ago!  

Metal souvenir plates = 54 cents each
Discussion of travel memories and geography = Priceless

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