Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hashbrowns versus Home Fries

The Husband is firmly in the hashbrowns camp.

He does not care for home fries.

In fact, we don't eat breakfast at some places simply because
 they serve home fries and not hash browns.

In the past, he has attempted to make hashbrowns at home. 
Not good.

I found a nice potato ricer at an estate sale and brought it home. 
The Husband tried again to make hashbrowns.  
Not good.

Strolling through Sam's Club this week, we saw dehydrated hashbrowns.  

This morning we re-hydrated a few for breakfast.

We fried them in hot oil in a cast iron skillet, with just a bit of salt and pepper.
You could jazz them up by frying them with onions or adding a bit of cheese at the finish.

Aren't they pretty!

They were darn good.

We need to be better at looking for convenice foods.

We are so used to making things from scratch, that sometimes we lose sight of the fact
 it would be much easier and taste just as good if we had the right packaged item.

How about you?  

Are you a from scratch cooker?  Or, do you use packaged items to get started?

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