Saturday, January 10, 2015

Watch Your Step, #2

A short update on my twisted ankle:

  • Multiple x-rays revealed no fractures or breaks.
  • My three middle toes turned black.  Can you say "Attractive!"?  My toes are now green and yellow.
  • The top of my foot, the side of my foot, my ankle and half way up my leg turned purple, then black, then green.  They are all still green.
  • There's a strange lump on the top of my foot.  It's not hard, it's squishy.  It HURTS to touch and is preventing me from wearing regular shoes. I'm wearing sandals in January!
  • My foot and ankle swell every day.  Today, Saturday, I've laid around most of the day.  The swelling is down significantly.  
  • I'm planning to lay around on Sunday.
Do you have a twisted ankle story in your past?

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