Monday, January 12, 2015

Coats to be Donated

On Saturday, I tried on several of my jackets that I have not worn for a while.
Several of them have now been donated.  

I'm consolidating my remaining jackets/coats/capes and 
scarves/gloves/hats into one closet.

I've had a donation sack in my clothes closet for the last year that I put things into when I:

1) Try a piece of clothing on and then take it off because I don't like how it looks. 
2) I purchase a new clothing item and before it hangs in my closet, 
an item has to be taken out for donation.

I feel quite happy with my donation/organization efforts.

I'd love to be as disciplined and minimalist as people who have only 
33 items in their closet, but I have a way to go before I hit that milestone!

How about you?
Are you cleaning out your closet in 2015?

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