Friday, December 26, 2014

Dishwasher Saga - First World Problem #1

Did I tell you about living without my dishwasher and garbage disposal for 5 weeks?


I lived without my dishwasher and garbage disposal for 5 weeks, which included Thanksgiving.

Thank goodness we did not host this year.

The dishwasher started leaking in early November. The Husband called for service and it was scheduled for November 10th.

The service man could not fix it on-site. It needed to go to the shop. He couldn't remove the dishwasher the day he made that discovery.  He had to schedule another person for that job.  But wait, the service man forgot to schedule the removal/pick-up.  Days later someone finally came and took the dishwasher.




Dialing the phone:

"What's up with our dishwasher?"

"The part we ordered came in broken.  We have to order another one.  It will be another week."

We thought, "Thanks for not calling us and giving us an update."


My phone buzzes.  I read a text from The Husband that the dishwasher is being installed. Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

I arrive home from work and The Husband is standing in front of the dishwasher. The top drawer is full of water.  WHAT???!!!

The guy installed the machine, turned on cycles for both dish drawers and left!

The bottom drawer made a horrible noise and the top drawer wouldn't drain.

I grabbed the phone and called the service department. I was less than happy when they answered. There was run around about not being sure if they could schedule someone out the next day to fix the unit and I told them the service manager needed to phone us to discuss. I was very vocal regarding why the installer left without ensuring both drawers finished the wash cycle and performed correctly.

We received a phone call the next morning and The Husband told them they needed to send a technician out, not an installer.  A couple of hours later, a technician appeared.

Final result, a piece of plastic was caught in the works of the bottom dish drawer.  It was removed and it worked fine.  The problem with the top drawer was the plug from the drain line in the top drawer into the garbage disposal line had not been removed.

Basically, it was shoddy installation work.

I posted this comment on Facebook on December 12th

We finally have a working dishwasher again. We've been without (and without the garbage disposal) since Nov 10th. I am so glad it is fixed. I know those 2 things are not necessities because I grew up hand washing dishes and we didn't have a garbage disposal until I was a teenager. But I am THRILLED to have them again!

I realize this is a total First World Problem.

What was so frustrating was the lack of communication about the status of the repair and then the shoddy installation work. Customer service isn't what it used to be.

I'll have another customer service story for you in a few days.  That issue lasted months!

How do you handle poor customer service?

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