Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snickers® PB Squared 4 to Go

When I took The Mother grocery shopping last Sunday, she bought me a candy bar at the check out stand.

I like Snickers® and I also like peanut butter, so when I saw they had a new candy bar that combined the two, I jumped up and down and begged my mom to buy me one and she did! (She's always going to be my mom and I'm always going to her kid.)

I enjoyed the Snickers® PB Squared 4 to Go. The peanut butter doesn't overwhelm the Snickers® or vice versa.

I also like that there are 4 squares in the package, so I had candy for 4 days.

Do you occasionally give into the urge to buy a candy bar at the grocery store check out? I resist 98% of the time!

Mars does not know who I am and did not ask me to review this candy bar. I just wanted to share my opinion. 

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