Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mom's Knee Update

The Mother had knee replacement surgery 5 days ago. She is doing GREAT! Yes, she is in pain, but she has medication to manage it.

Her home health care physical therapist visited yesterday. She gave Mom a great report. Mom's mobility is very good and the extension on her new knee is great. The original goal was 110° and today she measured at 108°. Her new goal is now 120°!

Mom spends 6 hours a day on a CPM machine

Mom wants to get the right knee rehabbed and healed ASAP, because that pesky left knee is the next on the "chopping block!"

The Sister and I are so proud of how hard she is working her rehab.

Mom is rehabbing at her home. It's one level and easy for her to navigate, even with a walker. The challenge for The Sister and I is being away from our families, homes and schedules. We are working through the challenges. This is made easier because of how well Mom is doing. We are both thankful for that!

We will stay with Mom as long as necessary, but's hard to move back into your Mom's house! Especially when you are in your late 40's and early 50's and she's in her early 80's and REALLY, REALLY STUBBORN!

At what point do we get to tell our parent what to do? 

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